music changes young people’s lives

Music education


‘Music should be an entitlement for every child, an integral part of school life and never side-lined as just a ‘nice to have’ subject.’ (Music Mark)

All young people should have the opportunity to access an excellent musical education. FOSYM is committed to enabling the young people of Staffordshire  to begin, continue and develop their musical journey.

Being involved in music can break those boundaries created by language, age and culture, and gives the chance for individuals to develop their instrumental and vocal skills and perform with others as part of a team. 

Music enables an unrivalled expression of human emotion and is proven to aid wider educational development and increase confidence.  It can have a huge impact on our lives  – not least for giving us life-long friendships and memories.  

FOSYM understands that accessing all these opportunities both within and outside the school curriculum can come at a cost. FOSYM can help where there are financial difficulties.  Get in touch –  we’ll help where we can.

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